Thursday, 29 November 2007

Time to Jail PM Dawn?

It is with much Regret that I regret to announce the Announcement that I will, indeed, unfortunately, no longer be able to write, or, indeed, publish this Blog. "What, pray tell, might be the reason for this remarkable, and, furthermore, if I may say so, highly significant disclosure?", you might be thinking. Or, if you're in a hurry, "Why?"

The reason, I can reveal, is revealed in this post by the Exile. He states that, with his customary, and, indeed, furthermore, characteristic, ability to read, he was aware of my Identity some time ago, but chose not to Unmask PM Dawn because this blog, due, if I may so so, to its Hardhitting, and, dare I say it, again, Hardhitting approach, was providing his own blog with valuable links. And as he says, links are like shags, and he gets very few of either.

But now that the Cat is out of the Bag of Spilled Beans, I must, regrettably, announce with regret that this blog will, from now on, cease, forthwith and from now on, an Announcement which I very much regret. The only question remaining is this: Is it not now not time not to hit PM Dawn with the Full Force of the Law? I fear that it is, indeed not now not.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Time to hit Kamm with the full Force of the Law

Neil Clark - the Best British Blogger in Britain - makes an excellent Point in the comments to this Post about the Campaign against him by Mr Oliver Kamm:

The blogger in question has printed a series of untrue and defamatory statements about with with the express purpose of jeopardising my journalistic career...Do you think this is acceptable behaviour, which ought to be simply ignored? Or do you think, as I do, that those responsible for such clear harassment, should face the full legal consequences?

I suggest the Latter, and I look forward to seeing "those responsible" facing "the full legal consequences". To do otherwise, to allow such Harrassment to continue, is, in my, humble, opinion, to admit defeat; to, indeed, admit that such Harrassment is, indeed, somehow justified as "fair comment" or as "facts". Only a swift Prosecution and Conviction of the "blogger in question" will suffice, and I trust that such will, indeed, be forthcoming.

Kamm dares to Criticise Links

An email from Mr Oliver Kamm suggests that I should beware of linking to The Exile, as a result of this post offering footage of a "sex video" involving a Character by the name of Amy Fisher. No doubt Mr Kamm believes that this somehow constitutes evidence of the Exile's "squalor", "foulness", "loathsome, drooling slavering and sick voyeurism", and his "filthy, ugly, fat repellent perving". No doubt Mr Kamm might believe this.

No doubt he believes that the Exile is an ugly and gross Pornographer, with a grotesque visage, squalid morals and a wholly repellent personality. No doubt he believes this. But is Kamm, really, in any position to Judge? This is a man who links to Christopher Hitchens, to Harry's Place, to Nick Cohen and to Norman Geras. All, without exception, cheerleaders for Neocon Imperialism. In such Circumstances, can he really claim the High Ground? I think not.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Many Unhappy Returns

I Note that Harry's Place, the self-styled home of the so-called "Decent Left", is congratulating itself on reaching its fifth birthday. No less a personage than "Harry" himself notes that its "early days were very different times with a genuinely friendly rapport amongst bloggers of varying political allegiances". This may, indeed, have been the case, until you, Sir, led the Stampede into Mesopotamia, at which point all Decent people - as opposed to those, who, scandalously, affect to claim such Mantle - arrived at the conclusion that this rapport was, and, indeed, remains, one rapport too far.

Scarcely believably, he adds, with scarcely believable pride, that "Five years ago it was just me - then Marcus got involved, Gene signed up and later David T and Brownie came online. Later still, Gordon and Brett and Wardytron and Graham began posting". As though such a dubious assembly is somehow worthy of our admiration! David T, for one, is a notorious Islamophobe; Gene, as has been well documented, is an uncritical cheerleader for Israel's Neocon regime; and "Wardytron", worst of all, is a flippant and vapid waste of Bandwidth. Why this oaf is permitted to post on any blog is quite beyond my comprehension.

Nevertheless, one happy conclusion does, indeed, present itself. Namely, that Harry's Place is unlikely to last another five years. Fortunately, there are plenty of other blogs to fill the void vacated by this wholly unpleasant, noxious entity.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Case Closed

Literally within minutes of my post on my Comments Policy I receive this, revealing, response:

What, so we can point out what a fucking bunch of lunatics you, Lindsay and Clark are? Not that I blame you and Lindsay particularly, you're just a pair of green ink nobodies hunched over your keyboards in the small hours pretending you somehow amount to a sodding movement, you bloody fools.

Clark's the real prick though, he thinks that by rigging a meaningless award nobody in their right mind has actually heard of he's somehow become someone of consequence, when he's just a laughing stock whose chance of ever being a real journalist came and went years ago and now his only friend is that wanker Ken Bell. Fuck the lot of you.

These people do, indeed, Condemn themselves with their own Mouths.

Lindsay Silenced?

Very worrying Developments on David Lindsay's blog:

David, sorry to post off-topic, but why on earth has your blog been blocked by computers in government departments? I can get it at home, but at work I just get a page that says "this website is not appropriate". I can get other blogs - just not yours. What makes your blog so dangerous? Or inappropriate?

A commenter writes:

The sad truth is that this sort of psyops is increasingly commonplace. What the PNAC crowd try to do is to discredit somebody by suggesting that they are extremists: even though they are the true subversives who have hijacked the US State. They also try to make you appear to be mentally ill, which they do by simulating the symptoms in you, so discredit you.

This is what they did to David Shayler, and remember, he was originally one of them.

The way that they are able to control the computer system is by use of Muslims, who often work in IT companies. They think that they are working for their militant Islamic goals, but they are just being manipulated by well placed people whose allegiance to the CPGB Straight Left faction is as strong as ever.

I have no way of knowing whether all, or, indeed, any, of this, is, indeed, true, but we do know that the Neocons are perfectly capable of all, or, indeed, any, of this. Indeed, I, myself, have experience of such matters, having had comments on the Neocon blog Harry's Place edited, altered and, indeed, deleted altogether. We must remain on our guard, but expect more of this.

A Declaration on Comment Policy

Following a number of comments on this blog hostile to the Aims and Goals of the British People's Alliance, the excellent David Lindsay has suggested that I moderate Comments. With the Utmost of respect to David, I must respectfully disagree. My reasons are as follows:

I have indeed considered comment moderation, but have decided against it on two grounds: firstly, that we live under a Government - if one can, indeed, dignify this tawdry Junta with that Proper Noun - of Unprecedented control-freakery; and, therefore, that any attempt to diminish or limit the Freedom of the Individual must be resisted.

Secondly, in the case of the Liars and Neocons of the Blogosphere, I believe that allowing them to state openly their beliefs, or, indeed, to perpetrate Falsehoods which they know to be untrue, will, ultimately, work against them. We should not be "frit" of letting them air their views, for it is by these views with which they will, ultimately, be Damned.

Indeed, we should welcome their "contributions" to our blogs; for their own, as we know, are mostly feeble and little-read affairs. Those that once boasted a significant readership, such as Harry's Place, are rapidly losing readers to blogs such as David's own, and before long there will be few people aware of how noxious these people truly are. By allowing them to post comments, we are, I believe, condemning them to Hang on their own Petard.

For these Reasons, I Pledge never to Censor or delete comments on this Blog. Would that Our Governing Masters held such Respect for our Rights as Free-born Englishmen.